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Woods is an American R&B singer, dancer, and actress.

She is a former member of the girl group Danity Kane.

Woods is now the Founder and CEO of Woodgrane Entertainment.

From modern ballet, to hip-hop and to West African Dance, this girl surely knows all the right moves as she has patiently studied them all to better equip herself.

She appeared in Jay-Z's music video for the song Change Clothes. Woods also starred as the lead female in the video entitled You by Lloyd. Woods, which is from her middle initial and her shortened surname.

She chose this name believing that it is much easier to pronounce and remember than the name given to her at birth. Woods shoot to fame when she auditioned and got chosen for MTV's reality show, Making the Band 3.

Surviving throughout the seasons of the reality show, she remained as one of the five females who made it to the final group.

Her dancing also brought her to different places because she toured as a dancer.

On the other hand, her singing abilities were honed by undergoing various intensive vocal trainings. Woods has performed in numerous musical and dramatic stage productions.

And to top it all, this girl also has the gift for words. She also took her internship at New York's Power 105 radio station.

Even before joining Making of the Band 3, she was seen onscreen through commercials and music videos.