We’d almost have to force girls to take the paper only to hear from them later, apologizing.Honestly, Thailand was my least favorite place, so many chumps go there and give the rest of us a bad reputation.Decent girls are sometimes reluctant to go out with you because they don’t want anyone they know to think they’re whores.

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The following is an interview with the American man who goes by the name of Fisto on RVF.

He recently came back from an incredible Southeast Asia trip where he fornicated with nearly 100 girls in 5 months.

His game and ability has been vouched by several men. — You went to Southeast Asia recently and had sex with 96 girls. I spent 2 months in Thailand, the rest of the time I was in Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Can you give more details about your success along with what you did to make it happen? In Thailand, the girls are very, very, intimidated.

I was able to learn a bit of Thai and it really wasn’t until I returned there for a 2 week stopover after Indonesia that I felt dialed in and really started having more success. “Good” girls are not likely to be out in most of the clubs we came across (In Saigon anyway) and these girls that are hookers are too hardcore.

The pros might like you but they were just as stubborn about getting you to pay as I was about the principle of NOT paying.In Thailand, shoring (banging a prostitute was free) was pretty standard by the end of the night.I learned that if you make even the smallest amount of eye contact, that is a good indicator that she’s interested.It’s so subtle that you would actually think the opposite considering how quickly they look away (RVF member Rionomad taught me this). I realized pretty quick that Thais in general can get overwhelmed and they just mentally shut down.It’s like when your computer freezes, there’s just nothing there.THC (another member) and I just started carrying around scraps of paper with our numbers already written on them.