Gordon, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant, Bosque County, Texas, promoted 2nd Lieutenant, wounded at Shiloh, and subsequently Captain of Wharton's scouts. Dan Neel, 2nd Sergeant Rufus Beavers, 3rd Sergeant, Coryell County, wounded at Shiloh and discharged. Thompson, 4th Sergeant, Falls County, Texas, died at Nashville, Tennessee. Porter, 2nd Corporal William Baldridge, 3rd Corporal, Milam County, Texas, died at Atlanta, Georgia, in 1862. Privates James Allen, Falls County, Texas, discharged at Bowling Green, Kentucky. Bryant Aycock, Burleson County, Texas, died at Bowling Green, Kentucky, in 1861. She feels it is her duty to see to their comfort when sick or hurt." By May 1851 Emily's health was so poor that she went to the United States to seek treatment. Freeman, 1st Sergeant, Bell County, Texas, wounded at Shiloh and discharged. Rundle, 4th Corporal, Burleson County, Texas, died near Courtland, Alabama, May, 1862. John Aycock, Falls County, Texas, discharged at Bowling Green, Kentucky. Hayes, who visited at Peach Point in 1848, wrote that Emily, "instead of having the care of one family, is the nurse, physician, and spiritual adviser of a whole settlement of careless slaves. Rundle, Burleson County, Texas, appointed Commissary Sergeant. Allday, Burleson County, Texas, wounded and captured July 4th, 1863. That panic almost caused the loss of the colony, Austin wrote later, adding that Emily, who wanted to visit the United States, should "stay at home and abide the fate of Texas." Rutherford B.

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CALIFORNIA The Mercury News By Gary Peterson, [email protected]: 04/30/2016 They stood quiet as church mice outside Oakland's Cathedral of Christ the Light. The Boston Globe's Spotlight team blew the lid off the Catholic Church's dirty not-so-little secret in a series of stories in 2002.

They spoke only to those passers-by who engaged them. In February, a movie celebrating that journalistic effort won the Academy Award for best picture.

Their presence was their message, and the message is that molestation of children by clergy didn't disappear with the final credits of "Spotlight." In the past two months, lawsuits filed against the Catholic Church in Portland, Oregon, and Austin, Texas, have accused once-local priests -- the Rev. By comparison, Sakoda and her fellow volunteers are more selective and low-key when it comes to whom they spotlight and what they seek.

"Between these two priests, they worked in the Diocese of Oakland, the Diocese of San Francisco and the Diocese of San Jose," said Melanie Sakoda, one of three volunteers from Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), which held the half-hour event Tuesday.

Benjamin Franklin Terry, elected Colonel at the organization, October 28th, 1861; killed at Woodsonville, Kentucky (better known as Rowlett's Station), in battle, December 17th, 1861. Lubbock, Harris County, elected Lieutenant Colonel, October 28th, 1861; died at Nashville, Tennessee, January 9th, 1862. Hill, Bastrop County, appointed Surgeon, four times a prisoner of war, captured in the discharge of duty. Sayers, Gonzales, Texas, appointed Sergeant Major at organization, promoted to Adjutant by Colonel Harrison, Major in Adjutant General's Department by General Harrison, and wounded at Johnsonville, March 10th, 1865. James Edmunson, Brazoria, Texas, appointed Ordnance Sergeant, and subsequently Assistant Quartermaster Sergeant. Potts, Bastrop, Texas, appointed Hospital Stewart by Colonel Terry, and subsequently Surgeon, and absent when the war ended. He attended the Terry's Rangers Reunion at Houston, Texas, Nov 10, 1908. She was buried in the family cemetery on the plantation.

Thomas Harrison, Waco, Texas, elected Major at the organization, promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and Brigadier General, and wounded at Johnsonville, North Carolina, March 10th, 1865. Royston, Galveston, appointed Adjutant by Colonel Terry, and subsequently appointed Captain and Major in Adjutant General's Department. Botts, Houston, Texas, appointed Assistant Quartermaster by Colonel Terry, and subsequently Major and Assistant Quartermaster. Weston, Richmond, Texas, appointed Surgeon by Colonel Terry, and resigned April, 1862. Descendants still meet at Peach Point each June to celebrate her birthday and pay honor to her Dara Mc Coy Emily Austin: A Frontier Woman for Modern Times Stephen F.

James Madison Wheat, private, promoted to Commissary Sergeant. Simmons, Gonzales County, Mississippi, appointed Commissary by Colonel Terry, and subsequently Assistant Commissary Sergeant. Austin wasn’t the only pioneering spirit in the renowned Austin family.

Balegathey, Houston, Texas, appointed Quartermaster Sergeant by Colonel Terry, and was afterwards discharged. Sparks Thomas Harrison, Captain, Waco, Texas, elected Major at the organization. King, 1st Lieutenant, Burleson County, elected Captain at organization, wounded at Shiloh and resigned. Jones, Falls County, Texas, elected Lieutenant at organization, wounded in East Tennessee, January 12th, 1864, retired. Preston Calvert Baker, Washington County, Texas, promoted to Lieutenant of White's Battery in 1863, subsequently to Ordnance Department. Beaumont, Washington County, Texas, wounded at Triune, Tennessee, and discharged in 1863. She returned home on July 1, and on August 15, 1851, she died at Peach Point.

Baker, Washington County, Texas, discharged November, 1862. The family lived for the next year on Chocolate Bayou, then began development of Peach Point Plantation near Brazoria, where Emily made her home for the next nineteen years. Austin, and was expected by him to set an example for the other colonists.