In a recent interview, Soko revealed that she even had a blind date with Pattinson.The former lovers and “Twilight” co-stars have seen many ups and downs in relationships including their own romance, which blew up in flames after Stewart’s alleged affair with Rupert Sanders.

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Whether you call her alternative R&B, punk or electronic, FKA Twigs is the future.

She is an artist we should all be watching closely even if she does become the next Mrs. Midway during the conference, David Cronenberg interjected: "My movie is not only about the movie business. To say so would be shortchanging the movie." Here are some more digestible categories.

I could have set it in any place where people are desperate, greedy. We're calling them the Fauxscars, and we're hoping that the phrase "Fauxscar Bait" catches.

We're looking forward to you explaining that expression to Helen Mirren.

Now that 2012 is over, it's always interesting to look back and see what our favorite Hollywood couples have been doing in the romance department and make some predictions of what will happen in the year to come.

There are certain details of this film that one has to accept in order to appreciate it.

First, aside from the vampires' requisite to drink blood, the Twilight saga movies focuses on the majestic viewpoint of vampires rather than their dark side.

A winner at the box office last weekend (1.3 million), no doubt the film has enough legs to last through the holiday season.

That said, there are a few things to be grateful for as the film series (finally) wraps up.