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Senior stuffed a gag in her mouth from a dirty smelly cloth and tied, not to spit. – The girl moaned helplessly angry at his attackers, not wanting to settle down, and they surrounded her.

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But I couldn’t complain, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now, she was pressing me up against the wall with her hand on my ass.

One step, two, three – and now she is at the center of the sofa in the room.

Light stopped infusing ghostly shaky hope that nothing further would be: She sat on the couch, nestling and felt a twinge of curiosity.

- Leksanya – almost silently whispered the girl already subconsciously trusting companion – it can not be a man with the soft voice wish her evil. - Do not give me “vykat.” – Almost noticeably winced interlocutor.

For a while she stood quietly, then started to shift from one foot to the other, and then stood up, turned to me and with his legs apart.

At the same time she looked at the bathroom door, which was still up to five people.